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Follow Your Dreams

Lovely, Collectible Dolls 

Looking for something new to add to your collection of artist dolls? Beverly Stoehr Originals in Elma, NY has just the thing for you.

Our Doll Line 

Perfect for doll collectors from all over the world, our collection includes life-like baby, toddler, and children dolls. We have recently expanded our doll line to include 10” and 14” ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) in resin. We also have 13 1/2" full-body vinyl dolls.

Our collection also includes porcelain dolls, which, although labor-intensive, are a favorite among designers and collectors alike. We have a wide range of one-of-a-kinds (OOAKs) that are sculpted with polymer clays as well.

All clothing pieces as well as mohair wigs used on our dolls are handmade. Most of them are made in the USA, though we do have some that are made in Europe. 

Quality and Authenticity Guaranteed 

Each doll is designed and hand-sculpted by renowned doll artist, Beverly Stoehr. To ensure that you’re getting an original piece, all of our dolls are signed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

Where to Get Our Dolls 

You may purchase our dolls from various shops that carry our creations. These include:

  • Obriens Doll Shop
  • Diane’s Doll Shoppe

You may also order from our online store. Our dolls are available for shipping worldwide. 

Learn About Us